Arlington On PAR

The History of On PAR

In October 2020, Nyhisha T. Gibbs, Arlington Central School District parent, and three (3) Vassar College Professors, Dr. Taneisha Means, Dr. Eva Woods-Peiró and Shona Tucker, MFA, recognized the need to address and dismantle systemic racist practices throughout the District. Other individuals joined our group and months later, the name ArlingtOn PAR (Partners Against Racism) was agreed upon by the membership. Today, we have over 25 members. We are committed to supporting BIPOC within the district (students, faculty, administrators, and parents/families), making our district much more equitable, and amplifying the voices, concerns, and needs of BIPOC within the school system.

The Purpose of On PAR

ArlingtON PAR identifies, disrupts, and dismantles systemic racism in the Arlington Central School District. Students, families, and District employees are all affected by overt and covert racism, hate and injurious speech, and other forms of individual and institutional racial discrimination. We also recognize that unconscious and conscious racial bias permeates and impacts policies, practices, and interactions throughout the district. On PAR helps create new and transform old policies, practices, and structures to ensure that all district members are supported and can thrive. On PAR also works directly with students, teachers, and administrators across the District to eradicate barriers that impede marginalized members’ well-being and success.

On PAR’s Mission Statement

ArlingtON PAR is a group of action-oriented anti-racist community members and parents in the Arlington Central School District dedicated to equity and institutional diversity. We amplify the voices, experiences, and needs of marginalized groups to ensure they are represented, understood, and responded to. Our focus is on race and racism. We intentionally center and support District members from marginalized racial groups. As we stand in solidarity with other groups organizing to support communities experiencing marginalization and oppression, we affirm our collective commitment to creating and maintaining a district in which all members can thrive.

For more information about Arlington On PAR, please contact us at info@onpararlington.org or visit us on social media.